Technology and Today’s Youth.

I believe that the growth of technology has negatively influenced the social interactions of today’s youth because it isolates individuals from reality, hinders communication and brings immediate satisfaction.  It has also enhanced all sorts of bullying.  I can also state that technology is wonderful and I wouldn’t be posting this blog without it, but IContinue reading “Technology and Today’s Youth.”

Dating Again: What It Means For Your Kids.

  Who wants to date someone with four boys, two dogs, a cat, and two parakeets?  Plenty of people of course.  Many people think that being a single parent makes them less desirable.  Even if you are a single mom or dad, it’s important for you to realize that you are more than just aContinue reading “Dating Again: What It Means For Your Kids.”

Adjusting To A Blended Family.

Blended families have become the new NORM with over 1600 new blended families daily in the United Sates.  There is little that is simple in any stepfamily situation. One thing for sure, blended families suggest no fairytale shows like the Brady Bunch. Children in blended families are grieving, and more often not mature enough toContinue reading “Adjusting To A Blended Family.”

How Can You Help Your Teen Survive the Valentine’s Day Blues?

When I was in elementary school, student council sold heart grams on Valentine’s Day for fifty cents.  If you were liked enough or popular you may have gotten one.  If you were smart you bought one for yourself, then it covered the embarrassment of not getting one.  In middle school and high school, cheerleaders soldContinue reading “How Can You Help Your Teen Survive the Valentine’s Day Blues?”

The Difficult (Teen) Years For Parents.

   Most would think that infancy would be the most difficult years.  Dealing with a newborn is beyond stressful, as you try to figure out how to parent, adjust to little sleep, a new role in life and a new expense is added to the household….but to many reading this, it is probably no surpriseContinue reading “The Difficult (Teen) Years For Parents.”