DETOX? Yes, I am crazy! Or am I?

Ultimate Reset-Week One (ONLY the first 7 days, 14 more to go!)

The good, the bad, and the ugly!

Holy Shit, I am doing it.  HAHA…..For the next 21-days, I will be doing the Ultimate Reset Detox by Beachbody.  I will write the pros and the cons and my final results of the detox. I weighed myself on day one and I won’t again until this is OVER!me workout

I am a Beachbody Coach, but I paid for this and all of my projects.  I am not getting paid to do this nor am I getting paid to write about this.  I am simply doing this because I am a fitness guru and I am in a rut like many.

In all my research, I found that this could help give me a kick in the ass in the right direction.  I also want to share with those who are thinking of doing this reset as well.  I love my beachbody on demand and the shakeology, but if I am going to try the products and suggest or promote them,  I might as well write my personal review on them.  Plus don’t let me kid you, I want you to be a part of my team.  My passion is to make you healthy or help you continue that journey with confidence.

I have always been in great shape.  Then I hit 45. (so that was recent)  I also enjoyed a summer of boating, drinking a lot of beer (something I normally do not do)  and a ton of cycling in the summer heat in the hills of Texas.  I really didn’t lift weights and the hydration of a nice cold beer stacked the pounds on quickly.  All those extra calories hit me all at the same time.   Needless to say,  I am not a happy camper with this weight I put on.  I can either get myself together and get back on track or I can continue down the wrong path and end up really regretting it.

I’ve always been curious about this detox in particular,  because like most, you get a clean eating plan in 3 phases.  I bought this reset a year ago and I walked by it and it became the main dust collector  in my home.    I saw the box daily when I walked by it and never thought twice about it.  I wasn’t even mad I “wasted” my money.     Then it ended up in the trash, which I could hit myself in the head for.  SO, now I am mad I wasted my money.  It is an investment, and today I see it just as that.  I swore I wouldn’t do it and I never followed through.  I also didn’t educate myself nor did I have a supportive and accountability team.  NOW,  not only do I have an amazing team, but I am coaching and running supportive fitness groups was well.   This is for all my PEOPLE.  And my belly….may you please go away!!

Why do I want to do this detox?

Well, I am crazy, to say the least.  I have always been over conscience about eating right.  My mom was always obese and struggled with food addiction and was a smoker.  Today she is laying in a hospital bed from multiple stokes, has Afib, is in kidney failure and has congested heart failure along with being dietetic.   She straightened out her bad habits, but it was far too late and much damage has already been done.  I know I can prevent this for myself and hopefully many others.

Watching all of this has made me very conscious of my weight most of my life.  It also made the gym my best friend.  If you go to a gym, you automatically have that “healthy mindset”.  There are eyes watching you, or that is how I felt, so I had to get a good workout in or at least look like I was.   I feel that I am always at a pivotal place with my eating that I can go either way.  It is when I am in this place of a mindset that I get myself together.  I know this about me.

Therefore, I am ready for the Ultimate Reset.  While doing this, I am continuing my LIFT4 on-demand workout along with cycling and running.  I do know, I will have to listen to my body and my energy levels for these 3 weeks.  I may not be able to work out as much as I’d like to,  so when or if you go into this, know that your body will let you know your limits.

Week 1:

  1. This is the Reclaim phase-I’ll be drinking a ton of mineralized water and taking the optimize supplement 30 minutes before each meal. This supplement is supposed to fix any kind of enzyme deficiency you may have.  The supplement consists of digestive enzymes such as protease.  I had to research this stuff.  Basically it helps break down proteins, starches and fats.  It also contains camu-camu fruit which is high in vitamin C.
  2. Power Greens 30 minutes before my afternoon snack. Power Greens are a combo of six powerful greens: kale, spirulina, cucumber, celery, spinach and chlorella.
  3. Soothe-30 minutes before dinner. This supplement is a combination of aloe vera and curcumin.  This will be taken with the Optimize.Beachbody Suppliments.jpg

The Day before Day 1

I meal prepped.  Having meals ready to go helps keep me on track. I’ve been meal prepping for years now, so this wasn’t a new pain-in-the-butt thing for me.  I watch my Netflix and git-er-done.  It is important that you buy meal prep containers.  I found them on Amazon. What can’t we find on Amazon?  You don’t have to meal prep, but I find it keeps you on track.  I am not going to lie, it sucks while you’re doing it, but it is awesome once you are done! I find that if I don’t prep, I am grabbing things for my lunch on my way out the door and we know how that ends up.  NOTHING that is on my plan.  I also prepared my supplements for the week, so I was ready to go.

Day 1:  I am in the right mindset. I prepped yesterday so I didn’t have to think about anything.   I ate my breakfast according to plan (2 eggs and toast) and I drank my mineralized water and took my optimize.  I had my planned lunch, shake, was able to get a kick-ass workout in this evening and sit down to a healthy dinner.  Day one was great.

Day2: So I woke up with the biggest headache.  I had to cut way back on coffee, and I never faded beforehand and I CAN’T cut it out 100%. This is one of those few times you will see the world CAN’T from me.   My headache was awful until I made a black coffee before my workout.  I understand we are not supposed to have coffee, but man, my head.  I would highly recommend weaning yourself off of coffee/Caffeine before you start this program.

I didn’t feel hungry at all today.  I had oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast, plenty of my mineralized water, salad for lunch, shake for snack and a healthy dinner.

I worked out this morning doing my LIFT4.  It was a HITT day and all legs.  I feel good today.  I also walked a mile on my lunch at work.

I have to say the Power Greens are gross.  I have been adding them in my shake and it covers the taste.  So I am happy that I am getting them in. I highly suggest mixing your greens with the shakes.  Greenberry is the best to mix the Greens with.  This is just my taste buds. You may prefer something else, but for me it just mixed well.

Day3:  So far I have the idea of taking the day off from a workout.  I went to bed EARLY last night and by early, I mean 8:30.  I am usually one to fall asleep by 11, so this was early for me.  I am not sure if I was just tired from the stress of work and returning after a two-week break or tired for the Detox??

I did great today staying on target with my food.  Day 3 was great.

Day4: I felt sad all day.  Like really sad.  I was so emotional and I just wanted to cry.  I am overall emotional with things that trigger it, but this was over the top emotional.  I am pretty sure my body is crying for a nice cold beer.  HAHA…I looked up emotions on a detox and read that people do have some emotional days while in detox.  Great.  A warning needed to go out to my family.  “EMOTIONAL MOM and WIFE entering the door”.

I did cycle 5 miles this morning, it was all I had in me emotionally and physically.  Again, it isn’t recommended that you do high-intensity exercising during this detox, but in my brain, I can’t miss too much in 21 days.

I didn’t feel hungry during the day.  I felt great in that department.  I made the roasted root medley for dinner and it was wonderful.  I was great until about an hour after dinner.

I was starving.

I mean starving.

It took all I had to NOT totally go off the tracks.  I had to do something or I was going to eat all the Hershey kisses in our cupboard.  I made a shake and that helped a lot.  I drank a bunch of water as well.  Other than starving which trust me, I have enough body fat to bypass the starving, and the emotions, today was great.

Day5: All meals and supplements are going great today. I love my roasted veggies.  Make sure when you meal prep you triple everything. I already do, so I can just feed the kids.   It is so nice to have things ready to go.  If I could hire someone to do all my prepping life would seriously be perfect.

I don’t feel as emotional today.  I cycled 10 miles today but didn’t have the gusto to lift or do my lilft4.  Again, listen to your body.

I woke up wide awake today.  I felt more energetic and alert then I have in a while.  I haven’t felt that refreshed in a while.

Day6:  This is the weekend.  Football playoff’s which means wings and beer will NOT be happening for me.  Today (Saturday morning), I got up at 6:30 am for Mom taxi duty.  I feel energized, my sappy emotions are gone for the moment and I am ready  for my day.  They say this is a reclaim your body week.  I am for sure reclaiming my body.  I feel great and looking forward to the next 2 weeks.  I  did my hardest cycling class today, a 20 min. climb, then I ran 2 miles and did week 3 Day1 of Lift.  I did skip the cardio part of Lift4 today and concentrated solely on the lifting.  I know I couldn’t have handled the cardio part.

My meals were easy today.  I didn’t have to think too much about them and my lunch was already prepped with the roasted veggies I  made the other day.  I feel full today


So far this week, I haven’t changed my workouts at all.  I chose this because I am currently training for a half marathon and I was in the mist of LIFT4 and didn’t want to stop working out.  I am also addicted to cycling so I NEED to get my miles in.  YES, IT IS A NEED!  Honestly, I need to workout to keep me somewhat sane.   It is recommended that you don’t workout  during the program, but my 2 cents are this:

  1.  KNOW YOUR priorities when it comes to this Ultimate Reset.
  2. Always listen to your body.
  3. This is 100% mental.
  4. Follow the grocery list they give you and you can meal prep with no problems what so ever.
  5. Know that it is amazing that you are even reading this and thinking about this step.
  6. I am starting to feel the inner-body tune up.  Like for real
  7. I like that there are 3 phases.

This week has taught me that I am capable of changing some habits.  I am starting to feel what it is like to feel what “hungry is” and what “the munchies” are.  I personally enjoy the foods and the things I just absolutely can’t eat, I substitute.  The hardest thing I see for week 2 will be the lack of protein.  I am used to my protein in the mornings, and more so due to my working out, I need that protein.  I was able to eat eggs in phase 1.  Phase two has a lot of fresh fruit for breakfast which I love, but the natural sugars will replace the protein.  For me, starting my day with protein, makes me less hungry all day.  I have noticed that my shake which is shakeology gets me through my afternoon each day.  They are good as well and I throw my greens in them which make them tolerable.

  • Reminder to myself this is just temporary and I do trust this process.  I am starting to feel damn good, so lets do this.
  • I am hoping my workouts can continue on this phase.
  • I feel the next 14 days will be doable.
  • I refuse to get on a scale for my own mental reasons, so I personally have no numbers to report.

Here I go on to Week 2.

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