Crossing The Bridge

Many cross the bridge before they come to it. One must cross the streets of failures, and heartache, and explore possibilities before one knows which bridge to cross.

Life lessons and discipline is the bridge between accomplishments and for some their life desires. We all look ahead and in order to set that path for that journey, one must walk the road before crossing that bridge.

The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross or learn that you crossed a bridge that led to hurt which gives you the fear of future vulnerabilities.  Until you cross the bridge of insecurities, you can’t begin to explore your possibilities, as each bridge leads to a destination of lessons, growth, healing, courage, and surrendering of life’s hardest hurts.

We look at bridges holding two things together.  Two pieces of land that could never be connected in another way.  They create optimism about getting to the other side.  They create hope in the unknown of what can’t be seen on the other side.

I have walked across many bridges, I have seen many landscapes, I have experienced many storms, sometimes falling off that bridge to the deep unknown, to only float to the surface to try it again.

Embarking on this journey with so many possibilities of our dreams requires bravery, courage, and commitment to put one foot in front of the other.  It requires leaving the luggage of fears behind, not forgotten, but only the lessons will follow. 

Turning around to enjoy the view as you cross that bridge brings joy and the knowing that all the past has been surrendered, not forgotten, and within you, the lessons that allowed you to cross yet another bridge. 

All those bridges led me to where I am today, led me to you, and you to me.  Allowed my heart to love again in a way I have dreamed and it is so beautiful, like a rainbow in the distance of that waterfall that the bridge overlooks. 

This new bridge is beautiful, I see our home, our love, and our endless possibilities.  I am excited to grab your hand and walk that last bridge with you, yet build many more bridges together.

Becky Shaffer/Author/Educator/Life Coach

Published by beckyshafferliveinconfidence

I did the crazy and left my career teaching job after 19 years to work on and build my coaching business. I took a year off to follow my dream of being a life coach and using my skills, life lessons and training to help others find meaning in their life. While I do this, I am always growing, learning and finding more purpose and meaning in my life as well. Currently, I am life coaching and fitness coaching part-time , I continue to blog, meet with clients and I am back to teaching full time in Columbus City Schools, working with gifted students, teaching. U.S. History.

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