STOP Comparing Yourself

As a woman, society has set me up to think my body should be a certain size and shape. Overall I have been blessed with loving fitness, therefore for most of my life, I have been able to stay in shape because I love eating healthy and working out. This past year I can’t sayContinue reading “STOP Comparing Yourself”

What Is The Purpose Of A Relationship?

Not an earth-shattering answer, but the point of a relationship is to grow. A relationship can make life more exciting for one. We consider to think of a relationship as something we do, the mindset of settling down. But are you really settling down? Of course, we all want to meet our person, most ofContinue reading “What Is The Purpose Of A Relationship?”


A lot of Silence. And more silence. Followed by more silence, possibly days of silence. Ok, you understand it is the “silent treatment.” The feeling of loneliness, disengagement, and hurt alternate with anger and resignation. You are not happy, you want to reconnect, to restore the good dynamics in your relationship but it feels as ifContinue reading “Stonewalling”