These Old Barns

These old barms hold memories. Memories taking us back in history, the ruggitness of hard work and sweat. This history of agriculture on landscapes of mountains, hills and in the plans.  It’s the history and the stories behind these structures that make them so intriguing. Filled with heartbreak escaping slavery, to shelter for animals, aContinue reading “These Old Barns”

Grief, the Holidays And Beyond

 Trust That Grief Is Part of Healing Time doesn’t heal the pain associated with a loss; it’s what you do with that time that matters. Grief is the process by which you heal. Experiencing the pain rather than constantly trying to escape it, can actually help you feel better in the long-term. So while it mayContinue reading “Grief, the Holidays And Beyond”

STOP Comparing Yourself

As a woman, society has set me up to think my body should be a certain size and shape. Overall I have been blessed with loving fitness, therefore for most of my life, I have been able to stay in shape because I love eating healthy and working out. This past year I can’t sayContinue reading “STOP Comparing Yourself”

Goals v’s Resolutions

“My goal for 2022 is to accomplish the goals of 2021 which I should have done in 2020 because I made a promise to myself in 2019 and planned in 2018”, Sound familiar? You create a goal.  You create a plan to achieve the goal.  Something outside your plan gets in your way.  And nowContinue reading “Goals v’s Resolutions”

This Shit is Hard!

My journey with fitness and self-care is a long one. It started almost as soon as I could walk. Because of this, I don’t have the typical “fitness transformation” story. I’ve always been athletic, but the stages of fitness and the mindset that accompanies them vary greatly throughout each time period in my life.  However,Continue reading “This Shit is Hard!”